complete protein
fuels your journey

Protein is something we all need. It provides the building blocks of muscles and digestive enzymes, and helps your body with all sorts of other behind-the-scenes stuff. But not every protein is COMPLETE. And going without complete protein is – well – like going up a creek in a canoe without a paddle. It’s an important tool for the journey.

Protein is made up of amino acids and there are 20 that your body uses, but nine are essential. And because your body doesn’t make or store these essential amino acids, they need to come from food. When a protein contains ALL of the nine essential amino acids in the right amounts, it’s called COMPLETE protein. With complete protein, you get everything you need in one bite.

Off The Grid is intentionally crafted with complete protein – 12g in every serving. And the sources of our protein comes from a mix of soy protein, whey protein, whole wheat flour, egg whites, hemp seeds and whole, cage-free eggs – something you can feel good about.

So go ahead –
Paddle on and fuel
your journey with
Off The Grid